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Happy Chlorella - 100% Vegan

Chlorella ingredients for food, beverage and supplement applications

Today’s consumers are paying increasing attention to the ingredients and health claims used on food, beverage and supplement products with a clear preference for items labelled as natural and healthy, without additives and artificial ingredients. Consumers are also increasingly demanding and exploring functional products, particularly protein and vitamin rich ingredients which are top of mind for many who seek inherent health and nutritional benefits from the product they ingest.

Aliga’s Chlorella products are derived from pure and high-quality chlorella biomass and naturally processed into a fresh concentrate for juice and smoothie applications, or into a dry powder for food, snacks and dietary supplement applications. Unlike many other ingredients, Aliga’s chlorella is recognized, due to its broad nutritional profile, as a food stuff that delivers exceptionally high levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants making it a rich, natural, functional ingredient that supports a range of clean label and vegan claims.

For food and beverage manufacturers to retain a competitive edge in a fast-evolving marketplace, it is essential to offer high quality, healthy products that are attractive to consumers. If your company is looking to fast-track innovation and tap into enriching its products with protein-rich functional plant-based ingredients that are healthy, natural and sustainable, our Chlorella is the obvious choice for you.

All Aliga’s Chlorella products are 100% natural and vegan.

Fresh Chlorella concentrate

Happy Chlorella - Fresh concentrate in fruit drink

Chlorella Powder

Happy Chlorella - plant-based protein rich powder for food, beverage and dietary supplement applications.

Chlorella Capsules


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