Microalgae for your hatchery operations

Rearing robust, stable and high performing larvae and juvenile cultures with low mortality rates requires expertise given early mistakes can amplify throughout the growth stages. It is therefore important that larvae are fed nutritiously to maximize the production yield of the fully grown species.

Aliga’s high-quality microalgae products are cultivated to provide the very best start in life. We have developed the Aquapaste product range, a line of prepacked, concentrated microalgae-paste products with a nutritive profile that provides the necessary protein, vitamin and essential fatty acid enrichment for hatcheries rearing different species of live prey, larvae and juveniles.

Aliga Microalgae

Microalgae is of fundamental importance to commercial hatcheries rearing marine larva fish, penaeid shrimps and filtering molluscs. We are proud of the high-quality, concentrated paste that we are able to produce in our closed, software controlled and bio-secured industrial scale bioreactors which has high cell integrity, great nutritional values and good viability.

Our Aquapaste has the characteristics and attributes of fresh, live microalgae when poured into culture tanks due to its high cell integrity, absolute single cell dispersity and great water column buoyancy. Its composition of almost purely intact cells is also a key advantage as low numbers of broken cells greatly reduce the formation of biofilms in the culture tanks and minimise creation of free oils on the water surface.

For consistency, product quality and bio-security our biomass is harvested and packaged in accordance to stringent quality assurance that conforms with our ISO 9001 and GMP+ certification. We also guarantee that every bag produced, packed and shipped from our production facility consists of pure natural microalgae with zero additives, conservatives and pesticides to meet the requirements of our customers.

Together with easy handling of the prepacked product, Aquapaste provides instant nutritional microalgae and can substitute the in-house cultivated microalgae cultures that often are used.

Through the use of insulated cool- or freeze-box transportation systems we and our logistics partners are able to supply and deliver our products to hatcheries worldwide to ensure fresh microalgae always are available for our customers.

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