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Aquapaste fresh Chlorella for rotifers

Aliga’s fresh Chlorella microalgae concentrated paste is a premium quality rotifer feed that has been developed to support hatcheries rearing robust, stable and high performing larvae cultures with low deformities and mortality rates.

After several years of thorough research and product development, Aliga launched its class leading chlorella strain, a high-quality and bio-secured product called Aquapaste.  The Aquapaste Chlorella is a fresh, pre-packed, single-species-concentrated paste consisting of nutritious 3-8 µm sized Chlorella cells that are optimally produced into a high-yielding feed for rotifers and Green Water applications.

Its soft cell walls in combination with high cell integrity, absolute single-cell dispersity and great water column buoyancy ensures high feed conversion rates that leaves little organic waste and fouling in the culture tanks.

The Aquapaste is cultivated under stringently controlled conditions ensuring stable nutritional quality, consistent dry weight concentration, high bio-security and reliable product supply. These elements guarantee our hatchery customers the stable production of dense rotifer cultures with high growth rates, rising fertility rates and strong egg production.

Aliga's operations

High quality microalgae is of fundamental importance to commercial hatcheries rearing larvae, both to secure their rotifer production as well as enhance water quality, nutritional values and environmental conditions in their larvae tanks when using Green Water Technology.

At Aliga we are proud of the nutritious, concentrated Chlorella we produce in our state-of-the-art production facility. In our closed and fully controlled industrial bioreactors and fermenters are we able to continuously produce a fresh Chlorella of consistent quality, which with its high cell integrity, absolute single cell dispersity and great water column buoyancy has the characteristics and attributes of live microalgae with high Feed Conversion Rate when poured into culture tanks.

Its composition of almost purely intact cells also gives it a key advantage as the low numbers of broken cells greatly reduce the organic waste in the culture tanks and formation of biofilms on the water’s surface.

Every bag of Chlorella Aquapaste produced, packed and shipped from our facility consists of purely natural microalgae with no additives, preservatives or pesticides. Aquapaste is handled throughout the production process in accordance with our stringent quality assurance and Quality Management Systems. Using cool-box transportation systems we ensure deliveries of fresh algae to hatcheries worldwide with short lead times.

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What we offer

A bio-secured and premium quality rotifer feed from fresh Chlorella concentrate with high cell integrity, absolute single cell dispersity and great water column buoyancy.

  • Always freshly produced
  • Rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins
  • Almost purely intact cells
  • Suitable for green watering
  • Behaves as live algae in tanks
  • Completley bio-secured
  • Industrial scale production
  • Stable product quality
  • Supplied in 5 or 10 litre bags
  • Packed in bag-in-box bags
  • Minimum 28 days shelf-life
  • Worldwide deliveries