Technology & Production

Microalgae cultivation at its best

Like with any crop, successful and reliable microalgae production demands expertise and knowledge to maximize the yield, maintain high and consistent nutritional quality and prevent the risk of contamination.

At our indoor production facility in northern Denmark, our closed and fully automized bioreactors operate under a continuous 24/7 regime to produce a high and stable yield. To eliminate any risk of waterborne pathogens and contaminants being brought into our cultures we are only using sterile and demineralized water throughout our production processes. This enables us to formulate our own artificial sea water for our marine species instead of using collected seawater as most other microalgae producers do. The flexibility in our bioreactor’s control systems also enables the setting of the optimal growth parameters for each individual strain so that the desired nutritional profile of the strains can be formed. These cultivation procedures, in combination with gentle harvesting, dewatering and packaging processes, guarantee nutritious and bio-secure concentrated paste products with very high cell survivability and almost purely intact cells.

For consistency, product quality and bio-security our biomass is harvested and packaged in accordance to stringent quality assurance that conforms with our ISO 9001 and GMP+ certification. We also guarantee that every bag produced, packed and shipped from our production facility consists of pure natural microalgae with zero additives, conservatives and pesticides to meet the requirements of our customers.