In our sealed and tightly controlled industrial bioreactors and fermenters we are able to continuously produce a consistent quality of Aquapaste Chlorella.  The Aquapaste Chlorella is a fresh, high-yielding, single-species, concentrated paste that consists of nutritious 3-6 µm sized Chlorella cells optimized for feeding rotifers and providing an ideal tank environment in Green Water applications. Its nutritional profile delivers critical protein-, vitamin- and fatty acid nourishment which, in combination with the paste’s high cell integrity, absolute single cell dispersity and great water column buoyancy, has the characteristics of fresh live microalgae with a high Feed Conversion Rate.

The paste’s composition of almost purely intact cells disperses easily and remains for longer in the water column. The low number of broken cells also greatly

reduces organic waste in the culture tanks and the formation of biofilms on the water’s surface.

To ensure reliable production of Aquapaste, we cultivate our Chlorella under stringently controlled conditions that guarantee stable nutritional quality, consistent dry weight concentration and high bio-security with no pathogens. For easy handling-, extended shelf life and product quality assurance, the concentrated paste is always pre-packed in poly-nylon vacuum bags. Using insulated cool-box transportation systems, we are able to reliably supply fresh Aquapaste to hatcheries worldwide. Every step of our cultivation-, packaging- and delivery process leverages Lean supply chain principles to ensure maximum security of supply to our hatchery customers worldwide.

Our fresh Aquapaste

A premium quality rotifer feed that has been developed to support hatcheries rearing robust, stable and high performing larvae cultures with low numbers of deformities and low mortality rates. Also highly suitable for Green water applications.
  • Freshly produced
  • Rich in protein, lipids, vitamins (B12)
  • Absolute single cell dispersity
  • High cell integrity
  • Great water buoyancy
  • Almost purely intact cells
  • Suitable for Green watering
  • Worldwide deliveries

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