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Microalgae is of fundamental importance to commercial hatcheries rearing marine larva fish, penaeid shrimps and filtering molluscs. We are proud of the high-quality, concentrated paste that we are able to produce in our closed, software controlled and bio-secured industrial scale bioreactors which has high cell integrity, great nutritional values and good viability.To meet hatcheries’ stringent demands we developed the Aquapaste® product range, a prepacked, off-the-shelf, concentrated paste line that behaves like live microalgae in the water column and promotes the growth and wellbeing of live prey, larvae and juveniles.

The Aquapaste Chlorella is a fresh and high-yielding single-species concentrated paste that consists of nutritious 3-8 µm sized Chlorella cells developed for feeding rotifers and used in green water technologies. Its nutritional profile in combination with high cell integrity, absolute single cell dispersity and great water column buoyancy ensures high Feed Conversion rate that leaves little organic waste in the tanks.

The Aquapaste Chlorella is produced under stringently controlled conditions ensuring the product has a stable nutritional quality, a stable dry weight concentration, a high bio-security and is supplied and delivered reliable. Which are all requirements from hatcheries in-order for them to produce stable and dense rotifer cultures with high growth rates and strong egg production.

For easy handling and to ensure product quality, the Aquapaste Chlorella is pre-packed in poly-nylon vacuum bags which preserve the paste in line with FDA standards. When poured into culture tanks or green water systems, the paste  disperses easily and its cells remain for longer in the water column in comparison with many other products. Its composition of almost purely intact cells is a key benefit as low numbers of broken cells greatly reduce the formation of biofilms in the culture tanks and minimise creation of free oils on the water surface, reducing the need for skimming and cleaning.

By using insulated cool- or freeze-box transportation systems we are able to supply Aquapaste Chlorella to hatcheries worldwide. Every step of the order management process is underpinned by efficient supply chain procedures to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers.