Cutting – edge R&D and innovations

Today’s consumers expect more than just satiation and rehydration the food and beverages they ingest. To meet these demands and align with influential food trends, many manufacturers are enhancing the health and nutritional claims on their products using natural, plant-based functional ingredients. Chlorella is a sustainable, gluten-free and protein-rich plant-based algae that, with its unique nutritional profile, delivers many of the properties that consumers seek in today’s products.

After several years of thorough research and selective propagation, Aliga has developed chlorella algae cultivars that have a nutritional and digestibility profile perfectly suited to their incorporation in feed, food, snacks, juices, smoothies and supplements. These cultivars are the basis of the company’s Happy Chlorella and Aquapaste product range which are supplied as a fresh concentrate or as a dried powder.

The company’s Research & Development team consists of highly skilled specialists with backgrounds in microalgae & plant biotechnology, molecular biology, strain selection- and nutrition. As an innovator and producer of high-quality chlorella products the team is underpinned by a company philosophy of open innovation and close collaboration with some of Europe’s leading universities and food research institutes. This network leads to the selection, development and evaluation of new applications and product formulations for the company’s Chlorella product range.

Aliga scientist holding petri dish with Chlorella algae
Selective propagation of Chlorella Cultivars
Aliga Microalgae culture quality control