After several years of thorough research and selective propagation, we have developed a non-GMO chlorella cultivar with a nutritional and digestible profile that maximizes rotifer culture growth, achieves stronger egg production and enhances the green watering environment by boosting turbidity. In turn, this provides nutritional value and acts as a digestive stimulant for the larvae. Additionally, have we completed rigorous testing to ensure that our chlorella paste behaves like fresh, live microalgae when poured into culture tanks. The resulting clean rotifers do not require washing prior to being pumped into the larval tanks.

We continuously strive to innovate and our research targets the continuous development and improvement of our Aquapaste product line.

Our Research & Development team consists of highly skilled specialists with backgrounds in microalgae & plant biotechnology, molecular biology, strain selection- and nutrition. As an innovator and producer of high quality microalgae products for the aquaculture industry, the team is underpinned by a company philosophy of open innovation and close collaboration with some of Europe’s leading universities, research institutes and select hatcheries. This network leads to the selection, development and evaluation of new algae strains, product formulations and user applications.

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Our research, development and innovations

After several years of thorough research, selective propagation and product development we have launched our premium-quality chlorella Aquapaste range for hatchery applications.
  • Great nutritional profile
  • Non-GM cultivars
  • Axenic master cultures
  • Collaboration with leading institutes
  • Continuous culture developments
  • multiparametric optimization

''our innovations improves your yield''

Alice Ekelhof